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We believe that we are responsible for one another, and we exist to bring about positive change in our world. We embrace our role to help prevent pain, alleviate suffering, and enhance quality of life for those we serve.

Create a Human Element Project in your Community

Unity in the Community - Agoura Hills and Oak Park, CA

Helping in Lumberton and Beaumont, Texas after Hurricane Harvey

with Remote Area Medical (RAM)

Unity in the community was organized as a response to anti-semitic messages and swastikas that were painted in the community of Agoura Hills and Oak Park. The Human Element Project was invited to participate in this local event and engage visitors in an interactive workshops where participants painted their stories of discrimination, racism and bullying.

Remembering the Human Element in Puerto Rico

The Human Element Project's Drs. Lori and Neil Shocket volunteer with Project HOPE in Puerto Rico

We are all conditioned - in many ways unconsciously - to connect to our own kind, feel comfortable where we feel familiarity and safety. Stepping out of this space is where we begin to feel ill at ease, judgmental and fearful of the unknown and thus becomes the breeding ground for building barriers leading to hate and discrimination. These developed stereotypes limit our ability to adapt and be tolerant. It is through education, communication, shared collaborative inter racial and cultural experiences that we can begin to close the divide that breeds this behavior.

Our projects strive to share the obvious stories of discrimination and hate as well as

the stories of crimes against humanity that often go unnoticed.

Celebrating Diversity and Uniting Against Hate‚Äč

Let us help you design a custom Human Element Project for your community.

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