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Translation of a postcard written by Sidonia Schlesinger (mother) to Eugene Schlesinger (son) as she was being transported to a concentration camp. The card was placed in an envelope that was only marked “If you find this, please deliver to my son, Eugene.”

My dearest whole life, we are in a boxcar. They are talking us somewhere. We don’t know where. I am giving your brother Julius’ address to you. Please write to him. If you survive, write to the town hall. If we both survive, both of us should look for each other through the town hall. Everything is happening because G-d wanted it this way. Never give up. We will never give up our hope. We will survive this because G-d wants us to survive. G-d be with you. We dearly love you. Your loving mother, and all in the family.


Eugene Schlesinger

Chata, Czechoslovakia