Abram Stone was born in Radom, Poland on the 7 of May 1921. He had three brothers named Chaim, Foulek, and Harsheleh. His parent’s names were Rochel and Pesach. All but Abram and Chaim perished in the war. Abram loved to play soccer and enjoyed being with his family and friends. When the war started, he fled to Russia but he was imprisoned until after the war. He found his brother Chaim and they came to Melbourne in 1948. Abram worked in a factory where he met his wife Bella. He ran a business in Victoria Market selling jeans and also built houses in Glen Waverly. He was a successful businessman and always felt it important to look after his family. Abram is greatly missed by his entire family.

Radom, Poland

Lvov, Poland

Abram Stone