Sophie (Radomska) Gorodetzky

Pabiance, Poland

I was born Sophie Radomska in Poznan, Poland. My family moved to Wloclawek when I was four years old. When the Germans invaded Poland, my family fled to Warsaw and eventually was forced to live in the ghetto. I managed to escape during a work detail and hid in a cemetery. With false papers, I joined the Polish underground and took part in the uprising in 1944. I was captured by the Germans and held as a political prisoner in Ravensbrück where I was a victim of German experimentation. I was liberated from Ravensbrück by the Russian Army. I met Nat Gorodecki in a DP camp in Landsburg, Germany and we were married in the camp in July 1946.  We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. We were married 69 years when Nat passed away in 2015.​