Polana, Poland

Martin Weiss

I was born January 28, 1929 in Polana, Czechoslovakia. In 1939, our area was occupied by Hungary. In 1944, the Hungarians transported us to Auschwitz, where my mother and two younger sisters were killed. Two of my sisters Cilia and Hanah ended up in Bergen-Belsen where Hanah died. My father and I were sent from Auschwitz to Mauthausen. From there we were sent to Melk. My father died there. In April 1945 we were sent back to Mauthausen and forced to march to Gunzkirchen where we were liberated by the American Army. Eventually I reconnected with my older sister in Prague, and she was able to send us affidavits so we could immigrate to the U.S. In July 1946, I settled in Carteret, New Jersey where my sister Ellen lived.‚Äč