Humanitarian Mezuzahs

Available in all colors. Each piece is a unique piece of art, no two pieces are identical.

Support the Human Element Project with the purchase of 

Humanitarian Art Poles & Humanitarian Mezuzahs

Siegfried Knop, a Holocaust survivor from East Prussia [Poland] and his daughter, Lori Shocket founded the Human Element Project in 2013. Both father and daughter are fine artists and have exhibited and sold their work internationally. “Siggy”, 91 years young continues to paint at their studio in Thousand Oaks. His use of vibrant colors and his free form design reflects his passion for life and the importance of bringing light and remembrance to survivors of all genocides and crimes against humanity.

Each Humanitarian Art Pole is a signed original acrylic painting on a 2.25” square resin tube. Each pole is capped on both ends with black varnished bass wood inserts and vary in length from 10 to 36 inches. The lightweight poles can be hung using wall-safe Velcro adhesive (included) or can stand vertically on a clear acrylic stand or black marble base.

100% of the proceeds from the purchase of a Humanitarian Art Pole go to The Human Element Project to support their work with victims of all crimes against humanity.

Each Pole is named for a specific survivor that has participated in our project, and is identified with a removable tag. ​Should you want to dedicate the pole to a survivor of your choice, we can personalize it with their name on a small permanent engraved plaque upon request.

Each Humanitarian Mezuzah is a signed original acrylic painting and contains the Shema / V’havata prayer on a parchment scroll.

Each mezuzah is named for a Holocaust Survivor that has participated in our project, and whose name is identified on a removable tag. A permanent metal plaque with a survivor’s name of your choice is available upon request.


Carol Solomons Gifts - Agoura Hills, CA

​Jewish Museum of Baltimore - Baltimore Maryland

Please contact The Human Element project for more information