Humanitarian Mezuzahs

Available in all colors. Each piece is a unique piece of art, no two pieces are identical.

Humanitarian Art Poles are original signed acrylic paintings on a 2.25” square resin tube. Each tube is capped on both ends with a black varnished bass wood insert and varies in length from 10 to 36 inches. The lightweight poles can be hung using wall-safe Velcro adhesive (included) or can stand vertically on a clear acrylic stand or black marble base.

Humanitarian Art Poles

Hu Pole Pricing:
36” - $ 175
24” - $ 140
18” - $ 125
14” - $ 100
10” - $   85

Customized name plate:
$ 25.00
Black marble base:

Honor a Holocaust Survivor with the purchase of a

Support the Human Element Project with the purchase of 

Each Humanitarian Mezuzah is a signed original acrylic painting and contains the Shema / V’havata prayer on a parchment scroll.

Each mezuzah is named for a Holocaust Survivor that has participated in our project, and whose name is identified on a removable tag. A permanent metal plaque with a survivor’s name of your choice is available upon request.

Mezuzot Pricing:
$ 90.00 (with a non-kosher parchment / adhesive included)
$ 35.00 (additional charge for kosher parchment)

Each Humanitarian Art Pole is a signed original acrylic painting in the form of a square totem style pole that can be installed vertically or horizontally on a wall or sit within a clear acrylic stand as a floor sculpture.100% of the proceeds from the purchase of a Humanitarian Art Pole go to The Human Element Project to support their work with victims of all crimes against humanity.

Each Pole is named for a specific survivor that has participated in our project, and is identified with a removable tag.

A small permanent plaque is available upon request. Should you want to dedicate the pole to a survivor of your choice, we can personalize it with their name.

Please contact us via email to place an order.