Praque, Czechoslovakia

Rudolph Heller was born in Prague on December 17, 1910. His father, Leopold, was killed fighting in WWI, and his uncle, Emil Neumann, took in Rudolph and his mother Otilie. Rudolph graduated from business school and went to work for a clothing firm owned by Gustav Neumann. There, he fell in love with his boss’ granddaughter Ilona, and married her in 1934. Their only child, Ota, was born in 1936. After the occupation, Rudolph escaped and joined the Czechoslovak Division of the British Army. He fought for 5-1/2 years and was reunited with his wife and son after the war. All other relatives were murdered in the Holocaust. Following 15 months in displaced persons camps, they found refuge in America in 1949. ​


Rudolph Heller