Krakow, Poland

Olga Schreiber-Litman

Olga was born in 1909 in Krakow, Poland into a family who lived in the nearby village of Mogita. She and her husband Izak had two children, Halina and Ewa. When the Soviets invaded Poland in 1939, her husband tried to cross into Romania. Upon his return, was detained and was sentenced to 20 years hard labor and deported to Siberia. Olga bought false documents from a Catholic priest and boarded a train to Jaroslaw, Poland. They lived as Catholics with a woman who took in boarders, and they constantly lived in fear of being exposed. Shortly before Jaroslaw was liberated, a bomb was dropped. It killed their landlady and permanently injured Halina’s hand. After liberation, Olga and Izak were reunited and the family settled in London.​