Kalman Yitzchak Leikach

Holoby/Meinitze, Poland

Kalmen Yitzchak Leikach, who died of starvation, was secretly buried in the Jewish cemetery in Meinitze.  Scattered across the fields of Ukraine (formerly Poland), lie the remains of his loved ones shot by collaborators.  In mid-November 1942, most of the rest were marched for miles to their deaths.  In that mass grave, too, lies his beloved Bas Sheva, shot by a Ukrainian guard in a “game.” Her remains were dug up at night by their surviving daughter Zelda and her husband and tearfully placed at the head of her murdered children and grandchildren. Similarly, daughter Chaya and her family were murdered in the mass extermination of Melnitze on 21 Elul. We remember…we mourn…we say Kaddish.​