Hana (Alterwein) Lewkowicz

Sosnowicz, Poland

Hana Lewkowicz was born in Sosnowiec,, Poland. She came from an orthodox family and had eight siblings. Her grandfather was a Shoichet and her mother wore a sheitel. During the war Hana was at Markstadt and Peterswaldau camps in Germany. Her job was to put clocks into bombs. She and her sister were liberated 8 May1945. Her brother survived Buchenwald. Hana and her husband Berek immigrated to Australia in 1958 with their two children Suzanne and Morris. Hana was a very courageous woman, she had great wisdom and a lot of patience for everyone. Her family was her life. She was often sad and refused to speak of her past. Hana made many good friends and had a good social life. She liked to entertain and her cooking was the best. 

Lvov, Poland