Doris (Dotie) Heymann was born in Berlin in 1921 to Benno and Gertrude. A younger sister Eva completed their family. They lived on Kurfurstendamm Str. Benno was a dentist and high-ranking officer in the German Army. Gertrude was a nurse and sang in the choir of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Church on Kurfurstendamm Str. Doris studied art. The family fled after Krystallnacht. They left all they had behind them. I never asked if Benno locked the door. After arriving in Australia early 1939, Benno died of a heart attack. Doris went off to work folding socks in a factory and never painted again. Doris married Harry Nissen and had two children. Doris was passionate about Aboriginal art and culture to the end of her days.

Doris (Heymann) Nissen

Berlin, Germany

Lvov, Poland