Pinczun, Poland

Kuba Solewicz

Lvov, Poland

Kuba was born in Pińczów, Poland. His family moved to Lodz, where they ran a kosher guesthouse. In 1940, the family was incarcerated within the Lodz Ghetto. Kuba’s father, Alter Shimon died of starvation, and his mother, Esther and brother Motel, were deported and murdered. Kuba’s sister Rivka died of typhoid fever soon after the war ended. Kuba and his future wife Cesia had met before the war and they married in the Lodz Ghetto in March 1940. After the ghetto was liquidated, they ended up in the Landsberg Displaced Persons’ Camp for three years, where their daughter Esther was born. Relatives sponsored the family to come to Australia in 1949. Kuba and his wife started a successful catering business in the 1950s known as Armon Hall.