Exhibit rental information

Name of Exhibit:

Holocaust Memory Reconstruction: A Sacred Culture Rebuilt

Space required:
Flexible. 300-500 square feet minimum wall space.

The Holocaust Memory Reconstruction exhibit chronicles the stories of 400 Holocaust survivors and their families. Each of the 400 individual 7.5” x 9.5” panels represent a collage testimony of one survivor and their family. The collages were created through a series of workshops held throughout the United States and Australia over the past three years. Each piece is a powerful visual and written statement thoughtfully and meticulously composed by the survivor along with second, third and even fourth generation family members. This powerful exhibit beautifully illuminates a historical accounting of tragedy to triumph during a life-changing time in world history. 

The concept for the exhibit was based on the periodic table of the elements, including the Human Element – a vital and often forgotten component of our physical world. The original exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles was displayed in the format of the periodic table (18’ x 8’) with the center image being a collaged painting that included a “Hu” (Human Element) as the primary component. Please note that the installation is not restricted to this format.

An added feature of this dynamic exhibit is that it continually grows in size as more survivors ask for their stories to be included. In addition, the exhibit allows for educational programming and workshops that cover a broad spectrum of topics. 

Exhibit contents:
The exhibit contains 320+ individual 7.5” x 9.5” panels.
The Human Element painting 48” x 60” is included when displayed in the periodic table format.
*This number may vary slightly as survivors and their families continue to add to the exhibit. 

Exhibit requirements/Installation:  
This exhibit is designed to be installed on a temporary or permanent wall, preferably on a white or light wall surface. Each of the 320* individual 7.5” x 9.5” aluminum dibond panels are mounted with four pre-applied Command Velcro strips. This method will assure that each panel is secure throughout the exhibit and will not cause damage to the wall surface when removed. 

Since the installation is designed as a grid, the layout is quite flexible allowing it to be displayed in a linear fashion (3-4 panels high) or stacked (6-7 panels high) to work within the configuration of most spaces. 



Survivors and their families who attend the exhibition and want to be included as a participant can work directly with the artist to create their own collage that can be permanently added to the exhibit.

Community workshops can be held with survivors and 2nd and 3rd generation family members to document their family histories and permanently included in the exhibit.

The artist is available to speak and or facilitate workshops with honorarium and expenses.

Copies of a 178-page color catalogue from the first 129 survivor stories are available for sale on consignment.
An ebook featuring 325+ survivors can be used at the exhibit site for visitors to search participants. Also, available for download.

Promotional materials:
Promotional materials and high-resolution images will be made available to promote the exhibit.

A video is available that explains the creative process and highlights interviews with survivors and their families as they worked on their collages.

Minimum rental
2-month minimal rental

Rental fee/Other expenses: 
$ 1,500/month with a 2-month minimum, plus inbound and outbound shipping.
Each panel is individually packaged in a protective foam sleeve.

Recent/Current Exhibitions: 
Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles, CA
Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne, Australia
Jewish Museum of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland
Young Israel of North Beverly Hills Synagogue, Beverly Hills, CA

Inquiries and booking information:
Lori Shocket