Ruwen (Berek) Lewkowicz

Bezdin, Poland

Lvov, Poland

Berek was the last Jewish survivor of the little fortress, a small prison inside the notorious concentration camp at Terezin/Teresienstat. Berek survived Hitler and cheated Eichman who tried to murder him. Liberated in 1945 after almost six years of brutal and dehumanizing imprisonment, Berek was determined to start his life again. He moved with his wife Hana to Paris and later moved to Israel. Berek served in the IDF in the 1956 Sinai war. They immigrated to Australia with their two children Suzanne and Morris. Berek's message: Be aware at all times and educate yourself. Always stand up for your beliefs and be proud of who you are and your heritage. Do not allow history to be distorted or altered, you are the guardians of our history. Don’t hate but never forget. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.