Sonia Wajsenberg

I was born on 2 August 1923 in Bialystok, Poland.  My grandfather  was a shul gabbe and owned a substantial timber mill in Suprasl. Our large extended family lived around Zlota Street.  I survived the Holocaust thanks to my husband Mietek, my mother in law Fania, and several Poles who helped us.  Mietek smuggled me out of the  Bialystok Ghetto on 15 September 1943 (our wedding day)  and took me to his mother in Warsaw where we lived on Aryan papers.  Apart from my aunt Rochl, who  had immigrated to Melbourne in May 1939, my entire family, including my six year-old sister Alla, perished. Rochl  brought us to Australia after the War. I’ve always remembered  and found the good in people. I was lucky!


Lvov, Poland