Kalish, Poland

Lvov, Poland

Born in 1911 in Kalish, Poland to Zvi and Chana Kwiatkwski, Arye was the eldest of six children. He and his siblings, Pola, Gedalya, Rujsha, Esterka and Yetka were raised in an orthodox and Zionistic warm and supportive home. Arye served in the Polish Army in the Cavalry Brigade. He attended Hashomer Hatzair and in January 1939, he left Poland on Aliya Bet to fulfill his lifelong dream of settling in Haaretz. His greatest sadness was that his father, brother Gedalya and sister Rujsha did not survive the atrocities of the war. Arye married his beloved Sala Szylowicki and they lived together in Tel Aviv where their three children were born. Arye was a proud and staunch Zionst until the end.

Arye Kwait