Zisla (Zofia), daughter of Mindel (neƩ Schulczman) and Israel Zeev Wolfowicz, and sister to Sara, Chili and Chaim, was born May 20th, 1921 in Dzialoszyce, Poland. During the war she was at Grunberg Labour Camp, from which she ran away and escaped after all the beatings and starvation. After the war she married Chaim Kleiner and moved to Israel to fulfill her father's dream of being in the homeland to the Jewish nation. She has two children, Miki and Serge, and three grandchildren, Elisse, Dane and Dana. Her family and friends admire her Zionist passion and positivity. Above all, she is a true fighter with inner strength to fight all odds, and enjoy life with her family.


Zisla (Zofia) Kleiner

Dzialoszyce, Poland