Lvov, Poland

Manya Majtlis

Mania Majtlis (Kochen) was born  25 December 1925 in Strzemieszyce, Poland. She lived with her parents Rubin and Leiba Kochen (deceased 1930), her brothers Heniek and Shmulek and sister Perla. Mania was interned in Blechhammer, Bobrek and Bergen-Belsen, where she was liberated. After the war, she was united with her brothers and sister in Landsberg, Germany. She married Morris Majtlis in 1947 and her first-born child Esta was born in 1949. In 1951, she immigrated to Australia and had two more children, William in 1955 and Caroline 1957. Mania was very kind and down to earth, she loved nothing more than to be surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Sadly, she passed away too soon in 1982. Her family and friends sorely miss her.

Strzemiezyce, Poland