Saravia Comey, Naserio
Saravia Lopez, Moises
Son Bal, Margarito
Sotz Cujcuy, Damian

Sotz Cujcuy, Jesus
Sotz Cujcuy, Miguel
Sotz Salazar, Natalia
Sotz Salizar, Ambrocio
Tuyuc Balam, Francisco Javier
Villatoro, Amancio Samuel 

"It was our pleasure to welcome you to Guatemala and invite you into the FAFG. It was a wonderful experience to participate in the three Human Element Workshops and to be with the families in a new and therapeutic manner. We look forward to planning the next steps and the development of the project, especially to share these stories on a national and global level to challenge intolerance and hatred."  

                                                   - Erica Hernderson, FAFG -

2016 / 2017 Workshop Participants

Peren Miza, Ambrocio
Peren Miza, Fernando
Peren Miza, Gabriel
Peren Miza, Juilian
Poyon Saquiquel, Felipe
Ramirez Galvez, Carlos Guillermo
Reyes Yool, Gilberto
Roquel Chuta, Isabel
Roquel Cortez, Felix
Roquel Cum, Ramiro Humberto
Salazar Capir, Miguel Angel
Salazar, Santiago
Samayoa Velasquez, Juan de Dios
Saravia Camey, Maril Julia

The Human Element Project would like to express our gratitude for the generous product donations from Golden Paints and Speedball Art

Reconstructing Memories ​​with the families of the Guatemalan Genocide

© 2017 The Human Element Project

The Guatemalan Memorial and Memory Reconstruction Project is one of the many humanitarian focused projects directed by The Human Element Project. Inspired by the rubric of The Periodic Table of the Elements, we explore the elemental hypothesis that even in the midst of great physical destruction, the human spirit has the power to transcend. The resulting work of our participants is a rich, collective tapestry of fragmented, yet hauntingly beautiful, personal imagery. While most work on genocide and crimes against humanity focus on audio testimony and archival imagery, The Human Element Project invites survivors of victims and their families to tell their own visual stories through hands-on art workshops. This cathartic process helps the participants and their families to recreate their stories and deliver their message through painting and collage. The resulting artwork is beautifully elemental in its style, and powerful in its simplicity

"La mejor forma de dignificar a nuestro Martires es mantener viva la memoria de ellos y de nuestro Pueblo. Fue un buen momento de compartir este taller en done estuvimos participante la familia que representamos 3 generaciones (madre-hijo-nietos) gracias!!!"   Carlos Poyón

FAFG August 2017 Newsletter

Looking for the Truth in Guatemala

Anonima 1

Anonima 2

Balan Yool, Alberto

Balan Yool, Victotiano

Cali, Fabiana

Calico Son, Hiliaro

Catu, Gualberto

Chali, Felipe

Chali, Juan

Chers Salazar, Filomeno

Chex Perez, Susana

Chex Sotz, Buenaventura

Cumez Sey, Jose

Cumez Simon, Maria

In cooperation with the

Graphic depiction of the proposed final plaques

Cumez Sotz, Alvaro Adolfo
Cun Bal, Santiago
Curruchich, Andres
Estrada Mejia, Felix
Gomez Sotz, Rolando
Jicha Balan, Santos
Jicha Lopez, Victoriano
Lopez Xocop, Bacillo
Molinedo Perez, Mara Maria

Mux Salazar, Jamie Balvino
Otzoy Mux, Andres
Ovalle Tuyuc, Juan
Paz Tiguiran, Llario
Peren Chuy, Sotero