Lodz, Poland

My name is Judy Kolt (born Iska Jablonska). I am a child survivor of the Holocaust. After the liberation, we child survivors' were expected to carry on as if life were normal. It was sad we were too young to remember, too young to feel and too young to understand. Yet we did know and we felt and remembered, and carried our pain in all our waking hours and in our dreams at night. We brutally became adults at the age three or five or twelve. We never had the luxury children deserve. We could not run home to Mummy so she could make it better - we just had to learn how to survive. Many of us felt unreasonable shame for having survived. For some, the burden became too heavy and suffocated them. The five children that my father miraculously saved have now created sixty-three descendents. That is my JOY and my REVENGE. 


Judy Kolt