Working with children and young adults with special needs gives The Human Element Project a unique opportunity to explore creative opportunities that are visually stimulating, tactile and simple to execute. When the finished work is on exhibit, it brings absolute joy to the students and their families.

Alcohol ink on Yupo paper. Cut into butterflies (above)

The Soulful Collage Workshop is an opportunity to explore multiple aspects of your personal story. With the restriction of using only five images which must we carefully cut out, participants are forced to work within tight parameters. This process encourages patience, reflection and careful planning. Using a selection of provided backgrounds and images, participants artfully assemble a detailed story of their choice.  This project promotes self-discovery and ingenuity and the results are stunning.

Rainbow Collages

In February 2020, we worked with the special students at Las Colinas School in Camarillo. We were set to create a spring display when the schools shut down. The final installation is at the VCOE offices in Camarillo!

Many Hearts, One Community

Final Rainbow collage. 48 x 36 Acrylic and "stuff" on canvas.

The rainbow project began with a 4' x 5' gallery wrapped canvas painted with acrylic paint to depict a rainbow. The students were asked to collect day-to-day items that coincided with the colors on the spectrum. Each session the students focused on one specific color and glued their items onto the canvas until the rainbow collage was complete. Some of the items affixed to the collage, are candy wrappers, pencils, crayons, bottle, labels, pipe cleaners, toothbrush, etc. The overall completed piece highlights the colors in the rainbow and how our things that we use on a daily basis are all part of these basic colors.

Creating Unity Through Art


Special People, Extraordinary Art

Soulful Collages

Celebrating spring with special students at Las Colinas School

Creating Unity Through Art was a project that was done in several locations throughout the United States. The photos below are from Dorothy Boswell School in Ventura, CA. These special kids did an amazing job expressing their thoughts about America through their art. 

128 painted wood hearts - Sharing the LOVE with the special students at VCOE.

This collage was created by special students at Access School by collecting objects and trash that matched the colors in the rainbow. Pencils, straws, candy wrappers and much more are glued to this large canvas.

Children and young adults with special needs join Expressive Art Workshops 

Peace Pole Project

The Peace Pole Project gives students and opportunity to have their own individual art piece included in a large-scale installation that represents the school as a community. Sanded and primed square PVC pipes were used as the canvas on which the student painted. Each student had a choice of two sizes, 18" and 24" pipes. The students used acrylic paint and their hands to create their individual pieces. Once complete, each pole was varnished and plugged on both ends. The square name tag indicates the students initials, age and their school.

Rainbow Collage Project