A Human Element project

My work is based on healing… spiritual, emotional and physical. I believe that retelling one’s story is not only crucial to the healing process, but also a means of permanently recording a moment in time. It invites the past and the future onto the same plane and into the same present moment, allowing us to see all things as one and to give shape to the nuances of living history. 


Exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance

is now on permanent display at the

​Beverly Hills Synagogue, Beverly Hills, CA

Current Memory Reconstruction Projects:

The Syria civil war, now in its sixth year, is “a slaughterhouse, a complete meltdown of humanity. The war has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced more than 11 million from their homes. In many cases, children caught up in this crisis have fared the worst, losing parents or friends to the violence, suffering physical and psychological trauma, or falling years behind in school.


Jewish Museum of Maryland.

Partnerships with museums in the United States and Australia 

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Mixed Media - Enhanced Photography by Lori Shocket


Reconstructing Memories ​​with the families of the Guatemalan Genocide

Celebrating Diversity and Uniting Against Hate

The Human Element project is  proud to announce a new partnership with La Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (FAFG), a Guatemalan forensics organization that collects testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Guatemalan Genocide. The Human Element Project has been invited to help create this memorial through a series of workshops where participants will express their stories through painting and collage.

Holocaust Memory ReconstructionProject

The Human Element Project is an interactive, dynamic and creative opportunity to develop thought-provoking art installations that make powerful social statements about the connection between art, science and the human experience. Our goal is to create an on-going dialog dedicated to exploring and documenting the human experience through public art installations, exhibitions, hands-on workshops and education. 

Expressing Solidarity Through Art: A Syrian Perspective

Permanent exhibit at the American University of Paris opens May 20, 2017

Unity in the community was organized as a response to anti-semitic messages and swastikas that were painted in the community of Agoura Hills and Oak Park. The Human Element Project was invited to participate in this local event and engage visitors in an interactive workshops where participants painted their stories of discrimination, racism and bullying.

Workshops continue at the 

Jewish Holocaust Centre.

Permanent Exhibition is scheduled for 2017

Unity in the Community - Agoura Hills and Oak Park, CA

Art is a vehicle for transformative expression of feelings that are hard to express verbally; bullying, physical challenges, anxiety and fear. The 1 1/2 hour fun, no-stress workshops allow participants to explore creative self-expression using a variety of art mediums. Expressive Art Workshops help to build resilience, pride and self confidence in adults and children.


Mixed Media - Enhanced Photography by Lori Shocket