The Syria civil war, now in its sixth year, is “a slaughterhouse, a complete meltdown of humanity. The war has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced more than 11 million from their homes. In many cases, children caught up in this crisis have fared the worst, losing parents or friends to the violence, suffering physical and psychological trauma, or falling years behind in school.

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ONE. CREATING UNITY THROUGH ART is the HuProject’s new art initiative based on creating unity and oneness around the theme of the American flag. In an effort to unite instead of divide, The Human Element Project has decided to embark on a year-long non-political collaboration that asks individuals and communities throughout the United States to create their personal and heart-felt interpretation of the American flag. 

Originally at the Museum of Tolerance,

now on permanent display at the

​Beverly Hills Synagogue

Participants: Health Wagon, Wise, Virginia, The People Concern, Santa Monica, Ventura County office of Education, Ventura County,

California Institution for Women, Chino, Wise Correctional Unit, Wise, VA, Rachael's Haven, Pound, VA, The Village Senior Community, Northridge, The Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles

The Human Element Project’s facilitated collaborative Painting workshops bring people together to explore new methods of COMMUNICATION, REFLECTION and HEALING through this creative process. Our workshops promote team building experiences and training that help build new networks, develop communication skills and celebrate a shared experience of creating unique works of art.

This year the Human Element Project is collaborated with several social service agencies to offer Expressive Art Workshops to their winter shelter and transitional residents. Each guest is given a canvas, chalk pastels, markers and a choice of hundreds of text strips 

and asked to compose a visual story about themselves.

Please reach out if you would like your organization to participate in in this project. We would be happy to schedule a workshop.


In February 2020, we worked with the special students at Las Colinas School in Camarillo. We were set to create a spring display when the schools shut down. Finally, we are preparing to install the poppies and butterflies for everyone to see! Stay tuned!

A Human Element Project collaboration with the American University of Paris

Children and young adults with special needs engage in Expressive Art Workshops to create Soulful Collages, Peace Poles and a Collage Rainbow.

Day three of this painting project.

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The use of the arts as rehabilitation for those that are incarcerated works towards a model of incarceration as a rehabilitative rather than punitive practice. Evidence has shown that arts programs within prisons are excellent outlets for self-expression and personal achievement as well as provide therapeutic and healing benefits.

Expressive Art Workshops offer inmates and opportunity to be seen as emotionally available and creative human beings capable of change and empathy despite their crimes. 


Jewish Museum of Maryland

96" x 48 Acrylic on canvas. This piece was completed by senior residents at The Commons in Woodland Hills and is installed in their main lobby.

Workshops continue at the 

Jewish Holocaust Centre.

Permanent Exhibition scheduled for 2019

Hand prints on paper plates with acrylic paint (left)


Partnerships with museums in the United States and Australia 

To maintain anonymity, each signature is represented by the artist's initials and age.

Serving Time Workshop

The Human Element Project provides commissioned art workshops and art installations CURATED by us and CREATED by our partners and their communities. The Human Element Project is an interactive and creative opportunity to develop thought-provoking art installations that make powerful social statements about the connection between art, science and the human experience. Our goal is to create an on-going dialog about difficult topics with under-served or marginalized communities by Transforming Life into Art with our organizations and participants.


Healing through art - Thought provoking art and creative writing workshops

Picking up where we left off! Celebrating spring with special students at Las Colinas School

120" x 48 Acrylic on canvas. This piece was completed by senior residents at The Village at Northridge and is installed in their main lobby.

 while staying in a Ventura County winter shelter program

  Contact us to book a unique program for your community. 

Holocaust Memory ReconstructionProject

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Women Listening workshop - California Institution for Women

Alcohol ink on Yupo paper. Cut into butterflies (above)

A special thanks to Golden, Fredrix and BLICK for their wonderful products and their generous support that help make our work possible.

The Human Element project is  proud to announce a new partnership with La Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (FAFG), a Guatemalan forensics organization that collects testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Guatemalan Genocide. The Human Element Project has been invited to help create this memorial through a series of workshops where participants will express their stories through painting and collage.